Flyer reject


The download file contains: 2 Flyer one upright, the other across.

Flyer size: 10,7×15 cm. (4.21×5.90 inch)

Bleeds: 0,1 cm at each border

Fonts used: Century Gothic, (download link:

Print Ready: CMYK, 300 DPI .PSD Layered, very easy to modify. well-assorted in folders.

Text Editable

But reject

Help ME

hi for me this is kind of cute and i do not dislike what u have done, though i tend to believe that maybe your job has been rejected since there are a combination of small things that could be better and when u put two on two together , maybe they feel like this is not reaching the quality standard yet … for me the first thing that can be “reproached” is that the global thing looks a bit “retro style” and i am not sure that this is super marketable for envato …
in addition , there a bit of a coherence issue u have pine tree branches with shadows and balls coming out of them are not having , which definitely tends to make the design go flatter in a way …
for me the idea of having snowflakes on the face of the woman is pretty much of a wrong idea, this is a bit spoiling the high level character that u have drawn …
for “exciting christmas celebration” u should rather choose to place a banner under rather than playing with edges, as this is not looking smooth and aesthetic in this case

i guess i would be welcome to have a bit relief on christmas balls, that would not hurt , though i can understand that may have opted for making a “flat style”, but if, so, in my view u shoul take out shadows from other elements …

finally, as for i know, your typo is a bit flat for here and they are probably expecting you to play more with texts to bring more creativity and more work to the item

Did you have the rights to sell the Santa Girl illustration?

maybe this is his … who knows …

no it’s not mine
i thought i could use

how do they look
i haven’t sent them yet
should I send them?

You cannot use images from google unless the image is tagged with permission for re-use with changes.
Beside this I don’t think they will approve your flyers because you have many design issues

this may account for the huge discrepancy between the high quality of the central santa illustration and the rest …

u have very big typo issues, alignment at tis stage is far from satisfying anf the spacing is very irregular, in other words , u are violating many bsic design principles. The composition of the last item is cool, u should focus on it, rework the typo to make it coherent and harmonious, while respecting information hierarchy and this one could make it …
the second one, the footer, is really way too flat indeed and the font for teh header is not good in my view , i think that the additional flares u put are not necessary …
the first one, the central image (santas illustration) and the associated texts are good, but the footer is way too much of a block, font combinations are not satisfying to say the least, u need to bring harmony this way

I appreciate your help

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u are welcome :slight_smile:

I installed this 4 mockup but they refused

fully hand drawn

I can send psd if you want

please help me
where am i making a mistake

If I send you to a psd you correct her maintenance mistakes

hat’s how I’m designed from now on.

I’ve sent them today

I do not know will be approved

for this one this is the very same answer as for the one i answered last time, besidesm this is basically the same , u just changed the preview item inside the mock up and u just added the bifold … , besides for teh bifold, in my view, u need to rework slightly shadows for the thing to look more completely realistic indeed