Flyer reject of 15 years experienced designers.

I think envato reviewer have lose their mind control, we have alot of flyers already on Envato but they are not approving our flyer, can any one tell us why? Note: Don’t teach us how to make uploading or any formalities suggestion. We have already uploaded alot of items.

Looks very good, what is wrong with it, what was the reject reason?

hi for me there is a variety of reasons why the item may have been rejected and of things for u ti improve in my opinion … here is what i point …

1- readability
i am sorry to say just this but right now , main texts, titles included are hard to read … they are crossed by elements and the combination of the used font plus crossing objects make texts hard to identify …

2- typo
i am sorry but font combinations are neither working nor are they enabling to “imbricate” texts so that it almost looks like that u have spacing issues when u are very likely not to have such an issue …

3- globally occupation of the canvas
let’s face it , what u have at this stage is sort f crammed in the center but thus is pretty empty on the sideways … there is a disbalance resulting out of it …

4- lack of details
for u to have a work that looks much better and also to look way more realistic so that “people can buy it” , u need to introduce shadows and smootheners

5- text positioning
placing texts more or less on graphic elements is cleary not a good idea … see point 1 and point 6

6- hierarchy of information and valuing texts
what u have is not popping out enough in a general way , this is due to things i pointed out but also due to color choices and the fact that variations are lacking so that most important texts prevail and other ones become “secondary”

7- background
textures are very important they are not only much liked but they also give a hint of the work that u have done on your flyer, not to mention that they “fulfill gaps”

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It’s a little rude to blame reviewers for your mistakes. They are truly professionals.
Here are the mistakes I see:

  • Do not use black color. He looks out of place with greenery. He is gloomy and flat. I think it’s most logical to replace it with green with some kind of large texture. Look at your last poster in your portfolio to understand what I’m talking about. There is no black color, and it looks fresher, more joyful
  • The line spacing of the lower text block is too large. It is the same as the distance from the text block to the edge of the poster, which is a typographical mistake.
  • Font colors (green and red) are a bad combination. At least I would change the shade of red
  • The lower text block is sandwiched between branches. He is cramped
  • The background color also does not look very attractive. I would generally leave it white
  • Corners, as for me, not the best place for branches
  • I would make blurry butterflies lighter to show the depth of the picture. And, again, I would not use black in butterflies. It can be replaced with a dark brown, for example

All the best to you :wink: