flyer refuses, give me advice?

for me this looks rather good, the main issue is that the composition does not look purely natural so to speak , this is probably the most important problem u may have, otherwise, the date positioning and colors ae not very appropriate . Indeed, if what u have is harmonious, this is also not really super readable on the other hand and texts are meant to be read … same goes with the dj name … and i have a real problem personally with the fact that u have different colors between date, central title and footer texts , this looks strange. it would be great if u could find a way for u to make sure that the central title pops out more , fo not forget that this is THE most important text element of all and probably of all elements , too. I guess u could have a way better preview with another model, as well …this one for many reasons looks a bit disconnected (posture, positioning etc) and is probably responsible - at least partly - of the composition looking not really natural or realistic