Flyer Item Has been Rejected, Please tell me the reason

Please give your feedback, why this item was reject ?

While this is better than most of the selection you just shared it’s still not up to the standard and the issues are the same in all - the typography, composition and hierarchy all need a lot of work

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is right :slight_smile:

my advice to all new users is - LSD - make something new.

@rezaul77 your work is very ok - but you have to understand you are in piranha aquarium :slight_smile: you know what I mean. Yo can’t do random work and expect… what you expect

@charlie4282 sorry I lost my numbers of your badges, I owe you vodka :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but you are too nice because you are moderator, which is professional - so this is where I can appear for a moment :slight_smile: - also this is why i never be a moderator - I couldn’t - no curse etc. no no no :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can be mods shadow

peace :slight_smile: !

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Thank You friend. i will try and try

Thank You friend. i will try to my best

Try to learn the basics (see the videos bellow)
Do not rush (your work looks like done in hurry).

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i personally think the other way around this item is the flattest of the whole series and the most common indeed, u can see this type of work everywhere in the forums, all rejected, rightfully so since this is really super common and all the ingredients u mentioned are not properly dealt with …

i agree with u Hortensiu , this place maybe be seen as a get-money-quick but this is not and being a professional designer takes either a huge talent or a good training and long practice

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thnks for your suggestion