Flyer is not include at a package!

Hey all,

also i have a little problem!

I buy this package with 3 Flyers „3 in 1 Abstract Flyer Bundle Vol. 3“

The flyer „Time Party Flyer“ should be included, but it is not included.

What can i do?
The Designerwoo ( does not answer and the support write “contact the author”.

Have you access to „Time Party Flyer“ and send me this please? I need it. This is the normal Link - not package.

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

open a Envato help ticket from Here


Hi unlockdesign!
Thanks for your answer!

Yes i do it!

The answer from the support:
"May I ask if you’ve reached out to the author of 3 in 1 Abstract Flyer Bundle Vol. 3 about this? When it comes to item specific support or issues, we recommend you contact the author of the item and request more information, as they will have far greater knowledge of their own item(s). Each respective author created the item and they have the expertise in terms of the item’s features and functionalities. Hence, they are our best resource.

The author can be contacted through the item comments, or directly through the contact form found on the author’s profile page. You’ll need to be logged in to your account to see the contact form."

Also the author does not answer!


If author didn’t give you reply then send him a dispute view Envato help center.
or ask a refund

Hi @feelonat

The Item Author 100% responsible to give you all as they promised in their Ite details page. So if you found anything missing from their promised features then please contact Author through Item Page Comments Tab or Support Tab:

Please give them times to get back to you. If they do not reply within 2 days then you have 2 options:

  1. Contact Support
  2. Request Refund

You can check refund policy here: