Flyer has rejected. What is reason? Help please.

My item has rejected after 15 days remaining in queue. Here is the message:
“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Corporate Real Estate Flyer Design” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
Any suggestion for creating the design so that it can be accepted.

hi u were lucky for a good deal of people the waiting to have their item rejected was close to 25 days lol in addition , sorry to say just this, do not tale it personally, ok? but the flyer is really miles away from standards indeed … there is basically so much so say about it that this is even a bit difficult to get to know where to start with … so let’s start “enumerating” …
1- global style
indeed, u have close to no graphic design here … the main “graphic part” is a about a few shapes which turn out to be everything but aesthetic and harmonious in addition , see point 2 about harmony. IN any event, there is no original touch whatsoever and the flyer inspires much of a deja vu feeling on many occasion in the market …
2- harmony
maybe u could not identify this but indeed, matching curvy lines with “squared” geometrical shapes is clearly not a good idea when it comes to harmony, this is simply not matching … do not get me wrong, this does not mean that u can never do this , but it takes a rather big expertise to juggle with this and , sorry to tell u just that , once again nothin personal, but it does not seem that u have the concerned expertise this far
3- typo
well , a lot of people fail to figure this out but here expectations are high about it and many rejections are more or less related to this , no matter what is the category where people are posting. Authors are expected to offer variations, font combinations, and touches of originality, also in an attempt to bring relief to the table …
4- hierarchy
this is much related to the typo part but not only. The fact of the matter is that everything looks flat at this stage and that u need to make sure that it gets more lively and more in relief indeed … there is also a problem where the main title is placed, have u ever heard about z-shape reading of a document?
5- white space and spacing
pls keep in mind that this is a template and that u are expected to adapt the content so that it looks good, at the moment, u have some “holes” in what u have done and this is generating also some discrepancy between really crammed areas and way more empty ones, indeed
6- repetition
normally this is good, as this is a basic design principle , but the fact of the matter is that repeating the logo is more of a mistake than any other thing, not only are u making it lose impact by doing so, but u are also misplacing it in both cases when u are suing it … once again , refer to z-shape reading and focus points … this is safe choices …
7- footer
this is really too compact , there is no breathing whatsoever ever when there should be either some space to take it away from the previous part in one side and some space between the bottom margin and the footer so that this safe from the trimming in the first place but also there is some breathing and more readability and comfort for eyes …
8- readability
eveerything being very compact this does not help to have some texts popping out , plus see point 9
9- contrast
u have some text or logos that are having hardly enough contrast with the background that they are staying upon and u are on the verge of violating a basic design principle because of this, this is definitely not a good idea indeed …
10 - multiplication of bullets
in a general way this is not a good idea, but this gets even worse when u turn out to choose to have different shapes and styles of bullet, this is a guarantied “harmony-killer”
11- positioning of elements
think about usability , this helps to get to understand what makes sense in terms of positioning … look at the qr code , this is a good example …