Flyer, has been rejected. Why it happened

I am not expert to flyer but maybe your background is crooked and gifts more guassian much…

Mother’s day or Christmas? :slight_smile:
It’s too basic, can be found as free template ( except the image )

it’s not day mother but women christmas, do you don’t see she have a cap as
Santa Claus?

:slight_smile: Christmas

Aside from issues already raised and the fact it’s predominantly stock that I am guessing you don’t own, even beyond that the typography would need a lot of work

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Thank you bro

When you skip the woman there is nothing left than a little piece of text.
The dj texts overrulles the maintitle while this is one of the important things of a flyer.
Your title must stand out.

The date and clubname is very small and after the title the most important item of the hierarchy.
This is just a very basic flyer, no seling potential, nothing special.

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Salom menga yordamingiz kerak siz bn qanday bog’lansam bo’ladi?