Flyer has been rejected. I need help !

It is the second time when a flyer has been rejected, reason quality . What should I do to be accepted ? Thank you !

hi, i personally see no real reasons for this to be hard rejected. We can discuss about alignment of texts which is changing from on part to the other, and they may soft reject your work for this and explain to you what is going on ad what to improve … normally u are supposed to have recurrent alignment of texts, now there is nothing shocking in this case according to me. Besides, we see some items that turn out to do the same go through all the same. Now, why rejecting this one when a good variety of lookalike items are going through daily, well, i am sorry but i do not have the answer. If i were you i would try to change the font of “sonds” that is probably “sounds” or “sound” in fact and make it thinner a bit like what u have been doing on the top left hand side. I guess you should introduce a line of text at least for the address, too and maybe also make sure that the space between the central circle and texts on top and in the bottom are at the same distance indeed, to increase visual harmony
i hope it could help u :slight_smile:

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