Flyer got rejected

What is wrong with this design?

hi u have several thing that make no sense and are anything but practical as regard to the way people are meant to use your template. This is mainly an issue of hierarchy of information. The logo is super small and placed in the sideway so that this is given no exposure indeed, not to mention that there is a misrepresentation of the way a document is read (this echoes what follows). Same goes with the date, but at least, in this case, this is placed in a way that makes more sense as regard to z-lay out … Actually , all that is associated with branding is almost no where to be seen at this stage in your flyer. This is the real main issue if u ask me. Otherwise, I would just point at the typo for the date that is not super harmonious with the rest if u ask me. And finally , for me the main title in the background is lacking contrast , according to me, so that this is not super punchy and this alters the hierarchy a bit more , in my view

Oh really! Then how come the same item got approved by others?

Is this because they don’t want any new author wheather we are professional or not! Or reviewer has an issue with the new author!

lol I have news for you, I am struggling with rejections for a while now and I am here for very long - and I have been designing for 20 years - , my satisfaction ratio is as close as 5 stars out of 5 as possible , so, if being new was a handicap, basically , older authors would not have any problem, which is not what happens … if u want to display that there are flaws in the system, well , I can only agree but what u said is just not exact , being new is not a matter . By the way , in case u did not now this , the more u are “new” and the less money u make out of any single sale , which means that the platform has no interest whatsoever to reject things from newbies …

Are you purchased a flyer and trying to resell it? :thinking: