Flyer doesn't meet the current minimum technical quality

please help !!!
why my job of this flyer doesn’t meet the current minimum technical quality requirements for the category

Magic word “technical” - mostly we see here people have “quality standards” which means their flyers are not really eye-catching. Here I see technical… Maybe you missed some technicals like bleeds, DPI, fonts… I don’t know. For me this flyer looks like “quality” isue because is very simple… maybe tell us exactly what you got in the rejection email.

I would input a cool logo into it. The word “agency” i would align it to the right with the word “creative” and delte the shadow and put it above the white squire. And the orange line mich thinner.

hi first of all take out agency fron above the white block, whether this is supposed to be a title or a logo this is not an appropriate position as it makes it difficult for the logo to be seen or the title to be read indeed. The flagging looks strange too, hard to understand how thing are aligned indeed, the logo, creative and agency are all out in a different way the eye gets lost indeed. Plus, there is nothing in the focus point in the center of the document …