Flyer, Business card, Presentation folder was rejected !

Flyer, Business card, Presentation folder was rejected ! please give your opinion , thank you

@n2n44 Please give me your valuable feedback

pls post one by one next time … this is fastidious as such …

1st one
u have technical issues … the dots at the bottom must continue on the left , as such if there is any discrepancy when printing and cutting the printed document . then, u end up with something disgracious … so the creation must go on on the foldable part …
the logo at the bottom is not ok, u should give a 180% rotation indeed , as this part is going to come in front of the logo, as such will be upside down … maybe color combination could be even better when it comes to matching but as such this is not bad if u ask me … i just think that it could better again … have u heard about z-shape reading process otherwise? because according to it, your logo in the cover page is not well positioned and should rather be when u turned out to put the qr code

2nd item (business card)
i know that u tried to flag things on the left and probably did properly but as content are different , this looks like u have discrepancies and that information are not aligned well in the bullets … in this case u need to adjust test so that your preview does not suffer from this, just adjust the spacing between letters to make sure to fix this … icons are too basic …the qr code in this side makes little sense if u ask me but what i am sure about is that this is not well positioned and should be a little bit higher , way closer form the logo in this case. Finally hard to understand what is the guideline between the logo and information and the design at the bottom with a lot of colors … maybe introducing some color in the illustration of the fake logo would improve this …

the grayscale business card
this is very dull, the hierarchy suffers much from the fact that nothing i shopping out and being noticed, and in addition, all the things i said for the colorful version still apply indeed …

finally the corporate flyer
u have a major issue of choice of colors and text not popping out which are not a minor thing to deal with indeed as , as such, the contrast is not ok and u are thus violating a basic design principle indeed … especially as this is particularly true for the nain title, which is the thing that must prevail the most with the logo … and both are sort of hardly noticed at the moment … the spacing between the divider and the main title and the subtitle under is not even. u have a spacing issue as regard to the footer italic texts which should align with texts above so that all look well arranged … make sure to optimize the space where the logo is so that it takes more space and aligns the blue bullet under professional


Would comment only on First Two Designs
The bottom shapes do not seem to be as impressive as rest of items
and especially in Picture # 1 (white back ground) of WE WILL TRY ALWAYS Demage the whole impression.