FlowVin Theme: The twitter not reading the configure


FlowVin Theme: The twitter on my website has been configured correctly but when i go to the font HOME page there is no change in what appears. It just reads please config twitter. What do I have to do?


Have you created a twitter app, after this you should obtain some key that you need to use to configure your twitter.

Also you can contact the theme author to guide you with this.


yes ive created the app and added the information but on the front page it still displays, "Configure Twitter."
I have contacted the creater and I am not getting any return emails :frowning:


Can you post a screenshot with the twitter options?


@petnbud if you have contacted the author then dont worry the author will reply you within 24 hours. Be patient.


if I post it it can be viewed publicly. that is not safe is there some other way? email perhaps?


I just want to see what options you see there, perhaps some of them are in theme options and some are shown here. You can remove your info from there, or you can list the inputs that you have there.

p.s. Have you contacted the theme author?


Flowvin themes
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customer key
consumer secret
access token
access token secret


It looks ok, I suggest you to contact the theme support. Either the code is not working properly or there are some problems with your server. Contact the author and see what the tell you.


my server is working correctly, they already did a diagnostic. Who or how would i contact the theme support. Is this not who you are? I dont know who developed the Flowvin theme. I bought it from you. Please tell mw how to get in contact with the right person. Thank you.


No I am not the author, here you can get in touch with the author ( if this is the theme ). Or you can write directly to author profile here on themeforest.