Floating Social Buttons. Plugin Search?



Hello everyone,

I’m currently working in the Bridge theme and creating a site for our new company. We saw a floating window on a site that stayed on the side of the window as you scrolled down giving the viewer access to Facebook, twitter etc like buttons as they are searching around the site. Liked the idea but having trouble finding a plugin or way to easily make the happen for the newbie that I am.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,


Hi Rich ,

Do you have link from this page where you have see that button?



Here you go.

She only seems to have this on her blog pages so not sure if she’s just playing around with it but thought it was a nice idea.

Thanks for giving this some thought.

Take care,



You can see https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-share-buttons-with-floating-sidebar/


Thank you!! Just what I was looking for.

Take care,