FlexSlider vs NivoSlider?


I am interested in buying the developer’s license for these sliders and they both look pretty similar (right down to pricing too). I was just wondering if anyone had any insight or experience when working with these two sliders and could offer some opinions on which one is better?



I used nivoSlider, it’s OK, but if you need options and flexibility I recommend bxslider.
It’s totally free (like nivoSlider [jQuery]) and very very good! But not has cool transitions effects like nivo.


I have an experience both of those. And I like nivo indeed.

I know that Flex slider is responsive. And does Nivo?


Nivo is also responsive.


Flex is responsive, but it does not work correctly on some devices. Nivo is also responsive and it works great. I develop now a theme and first I’ve used Flex but after a while I decided to replace it with Nivo. I recomend Nivo. :slight_smile:


Nivo Slider works great for me. Good luck!


Flexslider is the way to fly, Nivo’s nice but doesn’t have a carousel option.


I’m a big fan of FlexSlider - but I’m meaning to investigate Nivo.

FlexSlider is really easy to implement and I like how it implements the swipe functionality on smaller devices.