Flexslider and IE8

Hi everyone,

I’m putting together a responsive theme and I’m using flexslider for the image slider… Now when I tested it in IE7 and 8, during the fade transition it rendered all the transparent pixels solid black until the fade had completed, then it looks fine.

Any ideas as to why it could be doing that? Any help is much appreciated!

  • Dan

Not sure as to why, but a simple fix is to apply a solid background to the image, for example:

.flexslider li img {background:#ffffff}

It’s well known problem, check this

Thanks for the link purethemes, but I couldn’t seem to get it working :frowning:
It would stop the outlines but then the fade transition would stop working. I did find a workaround by duplicating the same background image as the body in the slider itself. It’s not the best fix but it works well for the site i’m working on :slight_smile: