FlexShare Setup error


When setting up the CGI script is a thousand notes setup correctly! Please contact your webhost about allowing the CGI to be accessed / excuted publicly.
I encountered the error does anyone have information about the error?


Please help me


I would imagine your best bet is to contact the author about this issue…



If you are getting a cgi error, it is due to you cannot access your cgi file.


replace yourdomain.com and you should get a ‘invalid parameters’ page. If you don’t (which seems the case with the error message) then you need to speak to your webhost about allowing your website to have public access to cgi.




upload.cgi and setting chmod 777 cgi-bin folder I made.
But still the problem continues.
I set up my own server script, so nobody can get support.
Could you describe what you can do this in a picture.
I can not understand my English is not very good.



I’m not a server admin so I can’t tell you how to setup your server, I would suggest you check out google on how to setup public cgi access.




already installed on my server cgi



So what error did you get with the script??




I do not understand



Well if you have an error with the cgi not setup correctly on your server for public access then the script won’t work. You need to sort out your server before you can run this script.

I don’t deal with server setup/maintence/admin so you will need to find someone/some site which does. When your server is working correctly then you shouldn’t get any errors when you go to install as the script.




well i meet the same problem

Invalid parameters passed

Died on line 27 at D:$****\c3**\o**.com\cgi-bin\upload.cgi line 718.

and my homepage can not open!

http 500



If you have any issues you should contact me, however if you have not purchased from me don’t expect support.




Looks like someones asking for support without a ‘Buyers’ badge. Nice one


i have this error whe i begin to install

Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/subirarc/public_html/install/index.php on line 141


look if you have problem like taht
Please contact your webhost about allowing the CGI to be accessed / excuted

you can fix it here
1-open file upload.cgi
change like (#!/usr/bin/perl -w) or wher your perl in your server
i change #!/usr/bin/perl -w in my site put now work