Flatsome WooCommerce Theme gone

Can someone from Envato please tell me what happened to the Flatsome Theme?


More than likely it has just been temporarily disabled while the author fixes a bug.
Envato legally cannot tell you why but if you remember the author then try emailing them

Hi there,

Flatsome has been temporarily removed from Themeforest due to a bug that was discovered this evening. I uploaded a new version immediately on discovery, and it should hopefully be available again within 24 hours.

This has never happened before, as we do take bugs very seriously and we are taking measures to ensure that it does not happen again. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience incurred.

Flatsome’s removal was due to the following: http://envato.d.pr/JbtN/2A42qhSo .
It was an incompatibility with a third party plugin that is not included in the theme (!!).
I would like a reply from the Envato staff as to why this has happened, and why I received no prior warning before removal. The theme has been disabled 20+ hours now which has caused a great deal of inconvenience to current and particularly potential customers.

Best regards,
Tommy Vedvik

Hey Tommy. Yeah it’s never fun when an item gets temporarily removed when a bug is found. We’re required to immediately take down an item if it is found to not be working correctly, but you should have received an email ticket about it.

If you haven’t and would like more information, I would suggest you open a new ticket as we’re not able to discuss theme and account issue in the public forum. I’m sure our Support and Review team can help you out. Thanks!

Hi KingDog,

I got a email about it when it was removed. This screenshot was included: http://envato.d.pr/JbtN/2A42qhSo

As you can see there is a third party plugin that the reviewer has installed that is causing the problem. Flatsome is a top 10-15 theme on Themeforest and being down for 24+ hours is crucial for sales and support.

I will email support about it.



Hi tommy
Even i followed every step you told in the docs page ,i couldn’t succeed on "not showing main categories image"issue.
could you please help me on that?

Hi @sellbourne,

Please contact @UX-themes via their support channel. I’m closing this thread as being almost 4 years old and having nothing to do with theme problem you are experiencing.