Flatsome theme and image resolution/size issues

I have installed Flatsome and plugin woocommerce.
I am having the WORST time adjusting the size of the thumbnails, product image, single image and the gallery images.
My biggest issue the product image. It is zoomed and huge. I have tried MANY MANY different options, sizes, edits, media library cropping, adjusting illustrator file png, adjusted media presets, adjusted in the woocommerce customizer, nothing prevails! I researched, watched youtube videos and nothing.

I need some help.
What size image should I export from Illustrator for each of the three image categories: Thumbnail, single product and gallery?

What are the default sizes in the dashboard > settings > media that I should be using?

How can I enlarge the single product and gallery images to take up more of the webpage (after fixing my image resolution issues).



Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Thanks! I did that as well, but seems like it may be a while until I get something back.

here is my problem, i’ve tried so many different option to fix this “zoom” issue.