Flatsome - Move directory, but front page keeps redirecting

I tried to migrate my woocommerce store with Flatsome theme to my root directory, after working on it in a sub directory. However, everything but the front page moved. The front page kept redirecting to the old subdirectory and I couldn’t find anywhere to fix the URL. Does anyone know?

Hi @rainbowc2,

please check your website wp-admin => Settings => General Settings
If all is fine there then there is a possibility your database migration not done perfectly and old URL exist there.


Like I said, everything else was working, as I changed the URL in the general settings. There is no database migration, as its staying in the same database. It’s only the front page and the maintenance page that redirects to the old sub-directory, and everything else uses the correct root directory. This leads me to believe its an issue with the Flatsome theme storing the URL somewhere, but I can’t find where.

I’ve done it a second time, identical method, no issue!