Flatsome issue - help needed

Hello all,

I have a few glitches with my flatsome theme, hoping you can help me. I’m setting up a redesign of my site, but for some unclear reason, there are dozens of glitches popping up here and there:

  • inexplicable change of product weigh (100g and 1000g variant becomes 250kg in the description for some reason)
  • images not loading. The only way I could set up the ecommerce store is by using the flip book, but if one takes a look at related articles or further product images, they only appear as solid colours.
  • if I set my estore page as an e-store title in woocommerce, everything I’d built is ruined and even the flip book is divided into rows, rather than a turning-page widget.

Here’s the site: https://kavysveta.i-duna.eu/

Hoping you can help me out.

Kind regards,