FlatBook wp_get_http Deprecation?

Just purchased FlatBook for my next book and importing Demo 1 content, per setup guide, and I get a crap tonne of wp_get_http deprecation errors…

Like this, over and over:

Notice: wp_get_http is deprecated since version 4.4.0! Use WP_Http instead. in /home2/jeremywright/public_html/clientsarepuppies.com/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3829

Notice: Undefined index: width in /home2/jeremywright/public_html/clientsarepuppies.com/wp-content/themes/flatbook/functions.php on line 461

Notice: Undefined index: height in /home2/jeremywright/public_html/clientsarepuppies.com/wp-content/themes/flatbook/functions.php on line 461


If you have problems with your purchased item, I strongly recommend you to contact the author for bugfix support. In this case to reach the author of FlatBook theme please access this url.

Have an wonderful day! :sunny: