Flat-file CMS at CodeCanyon



Currently I am working on flat-file CMS, and I am pretty interested in selling it here at CC, but firstly, I would like to ask, would you welcome flat-file content management system on the market ?

If you have any questions/ideas for CMS, please, feel free to post it.



What are the benefits of a flat-file CMS over a database driven system?


Main benefits of flat-file CMS over database driven systen are the speed, flat-file CMS can’t be attacked by using SQLi. Negative of flat-file systems is that it can’t be scaled that much as database driven system can.


Depending on the technology used, we could possibly have a spot for this for sure :smile: Will it be PHP based? If so you could drop it in PHP Scripts > Miscellaneous. In fact, looks like there is at least one in there now.

And this:


If you need to test your theme for SQLi and other OWASP top 100 vulnerabilities like XSS etc, you can get a penetration test done by www.goldsecurity.com for a really good price. They use high-end tools such as Acunetix.com and give you a full developer report with improvements.