Flanger Theme

I purchased the Flanger Theme, … I am trying to change the background file (bg.png), to my own background.

The problem is nothing in the style sheet or any other sheet mentions (bg.png)…
Any help resolving this problem will be appreciated …

Thank you

Hi @alkateb,

Welcome to the forums! Please check out theme documentation if the backround changing process is already described there. In case of further questions you can contact theme author for support:


Thanks Luca for replying,
The documentation has no information about anything related to the theme. however, I did contact the theme author but no reply.

I did purchase it from themeforest.
As of your reply, you don’t care about your customer, and all your concern is to say purchase.

I will quit the theme and Themeforest as well and will ask for refund.


Hi @alkateb,

I’m in no way related to theme author, but it may take up to day or two to get a support response. Please wait a little longer, I’m sure that @ThemeLan will get back to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

If you don’t get response in a reasonable time, please read these articles to find out if and how you can get a refund:


I did receive a reply from the theme author (decline refund). But, he didn’t bother to answer my question about:

  1. which style sheet I can add a call to the bg, and what line?

This is a bad service and there was no respect to the 6 months support for this theme …
Bad experience with your company guys… I will write about it.

I’m sorry it turned out that way. Be aware however that changes to theme that involve editing it beyond original features are not covered by item support:

If you won’t find a way to edit background and it was not advertised as theme feature originally, you may be interested in hiring a professional from Envato Studio that will make necessary changes for you.

If you feel your refund request should be accepted, you can contact Envato Help and Support for further explanations.


Hi Luca,

I am not trying to change anything in the theme. I just want to know which css style sheet and what line to add a call to the bg.

I purchased the theme Flanger from ThemeForest, however, I had a question about the bg I sent it to the theme author. The question was:

in which style sheet and what line I can find the bg, so that I can add a call for it.

After waiting, I sent a request for refund, so the author immediately replied with a decline, but he didn’t bother to answer my simple question to resolve the issue, which make the 6 months support to theme useless and misleading.