Flaky developers and envato business model

Purchased Ibuki theme from you. Came with WPBakery. Now Visual Composer (purchased) throwing error that VC says is WPBakery - get update.Yeah, where?

Ibuki developer is gone and makes your whole business model looks like a scam.

I am NOT a developer or even a web business. I’m trying to build our company site and every time I run into a problem everyone says it’s someone else’s problem.


I even signed in to WPBakery though I had to create an account since WPBakery had come with my purchased theme (Ibuki). Now trying to get WPBakery to work with me, I can’t even send them an email or create a ticket to get my WPBakery plugin update. They say to import it from CodeCanyon but click goes nowhere because the theme has been pulled.

This is f------ stupid.

Ibuki developer goes south and takes with him my licenses!!

It’s complicated as that is a theme which is fairly outdated and it’s unlikely that it is fully compatible with the latest version of WP

As the theme has been removed then there’s no longer access to the source files or any updates

WP bakery may well have been customised for the theme and therefore even buying a standalone copy, may not resolve any issues

Support for plugins is not included for bundled items https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/213762463-Bundled-Plugins

Unfortunately typically support and updates would come from the theme author, however as per T&Cs envato can’t guarantee item lifespan and the author has the right to remove the item.

If your purchase was less than 6 months ago then it may be worth talking to support, however outside that the only option would be to look for s freelancer to help on www.studio.envato.com

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