FIX a WP-WC custom plugin for Product Attributes Values hiding for unregistered users

I pay for it development, but for some reason it works badly with one plugin and another second function stop to work. Can some help to fix it and please, not public, but via email or personal messages, because it’s a my propriety plugin. Plugin very short and have only a 4 paragraphs, so for a professional it must take less than a 1 hour.

You can find vetted freelancers to hire at

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EnvatoStudio - very strange and inconveniently system, not for a such original customization.

It’s ideal and meant exactly for that - these are proven freelancers and you get a degree of protection by operating through envato themselves

Can you not ask whoever did the first customisation to address what still doesn’t work?

Maybe freelancers are proven, but method of choosing work by some predefined “cards” - is a total nightmare!

Original developer is just keep silent, maybe overloaded or at vacation or doesn’t want to fix his bugs… :frowning: