Five logos hard rejected

I am getting hard rejections on my logo submissions in a matter of a few hours after I submit them. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer for quite a time and don’t understand what’s wrong with my submissions.

Take a look at some of them

-Complexity wise, there are a lot more simple logos in GR
-I have included both AI and EPS with multiple layouts (fully editable)
-Free downloaded font
-Shape looks satisfactory in every size
-Useful and relevant keywords
-Detailed description

hi, don’t fool yourself , free fonts are a good thing buyer wise when they want to purchase some items but that’s not necessarily so true when it comes to logos and i personally would not recommend using them indeed as all are not that incredible quality wise and here u are expected to have much of a work typo wise in the logo section. I also see a major issue for here , this is that u have thins lines and they will consider that your work will not work fine / will not be seen well when in a tiny size indeed