FitBit Webpage Design

Hi All. I am looking to redesign our webpage and I really like the look of the parallax element on the fitbit website. Particularly the section that starts with the lady walking the dog…the way the text moves and the images scroll across.
Is this possible to do with a standard wordpress theme and Visual Composer? Or will it take more of a custom code to do?
I hope to hear back soon.
P.S I really like the rest of this page also, and I wondered if this was all possible with Wordpress also?
I hope to hear back soon.

This is called parallax.

Try searching for “Parallax” on ThemeForest and open up a few different WordPress theme previews. See if you can find a theme demo that suits your needs. Then contact that author and see if they would be willing to assist (for an extra fee) setting up the theme for you based on your needs.

If you find a theme and the author is unable to assist with setup, or you are unable to do it yourself (parallax can be tricky) then please head over to Envato Studio where you can find someone to assist with setup:

Good luck! and be sure to post back here with your final product and which theme you chose.

Thanks dtbaker, I appreciate your reply.
I am familiar with parallax, as I have it on my current site. I was more referring to the ability to set it up like the fitbit site. Is this something I need to pay a coder to do or could I do myself in visual composer? i.e text scrolling and then image changing according to the specific text on screen?
Ideally there may be a more advanced plug that I could use?

Most likely you’ll need to find a coder. What they’ve done is rather custom and involves a few different techniques. Probably not something that can be done exactly through a plugin.

You can try Slider Revolution from CodeCanyon:

There are some demos here: ( try the Scroll Navigation ones like this: )

You can do some cool things with slider revolution, might not be able to get it exactly like fitbit but you may be able to find something suitable.