First WP theme got soft-rejected for minor reasons.

Hi Friends,

Just very happy to share that my FIRST theme got soft-rejected for minor reasons. I’m very surprised since I thought wordpress is much harder to get approved.

However, two of my other themes (HTML and PSD) got rejected.

Resume - HTML (Hard Rejected) -

Wedding PSD (Hard Rejected) -

Do you guys have any feedback for Resume and Wedding?


First link is down, and sorry I don’t download archives from random people on the internet.

Fair enough.

Website should work according to geopeeker -

Links to the images


Well resume template is not up to standards, scroll is sluggish, and design wise it does not bring anything unique or new to the table. It looks like one of those free themes you can download from the internet.

Wedding psd has some parts that I really like, but most of it is not polished, I think if you would spend more time on it, you could get something out of the concept. Work on better photos, more details but subtle ones like RSVP thing near the footer is nice, but those borders around gallery photos are horrible. Also that vector bride/groom really makes it look cheesy. Work on photos also, get some better stock images.