First website template got rejected.Any help or suggestions?

Hi everyone, please can you advise me ,i just joined about 2 weeks ago on themeforest and my template got rejected.Anyone can suggest to me the reasons why?I would really appreciate it.Here is my link Envato said i cant upload it again so any help for next time will be so much appreciated by me. Thanks very much guys :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Code can’t be validated

  • With respect, the design is flawed in numerous places and lacks premium or modern execution

  • Are you using a different stylesheet per page?

  • Having links to important commerce pages like sign up and login which are null and don’t work feels unfinished

Hi thank you for your feedback, most appreciated. May I ask which code are you referring to? And would you suggest that I use a different style-sheet per page for next time? Would you suggest that I dont use sign up and login details for next time? Please bare with me as I am a newbie to all advanced website terminology and was my first attempt in uploading a website template on theme forest?Is it best that I get a fully functional eCommerce website or word press instead of just an ordinary template? Im trying to understand the differences between an ordinary website template and a fully functional website?