First upload rejected

I just tried releasing my first release on here and it got a hard rejection. They didn’t tell me why… Can someone give me some guidance?


I personally think that this has potential. Come up with variety in the main riff - maybe some slides etc At the moment it is too repetitive. Fret noises etc. Add more atmospherics and you may have a track that lends itself to documentaries and road movies.

What do I know - I am not a reviewer.

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Thanks! I’ll give it another whirl

If you want to send me the STEMS I can have a play with the track. It is your track not mine, I just will have a play since I am not uploading at the moment due to the marketplace being really quiet and support for authors has dried up around here. You an send the stems here if you want to - no obligation!

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Thank you very much for the offer and sorry for the late response! I’m definitely up for sending you the stems and will do so soon, I’ve just been a little busy as of late. :slight_smile:

Nice guitars! I really like the sound. Agree with @gballx , maybe you need to introduce some more changes and variations. At the start you do some pauses in the play… I don’t know if this is correct or not, but I wouldn’t do this.

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