First upload rejected. I'm a decent producer, any thoughts??

Any ideas why this got rejected? Perhaps messed something up during the upload process or is my music off?

Good morning,

Wow, great stuff!

The ducking is sticking out to me, you have this nice pad atmosphere going on in the background and it’s getting chopped up by everything else. Also I would start the pad for a beat or two at the beginning of the track because it starts off a little abruptly. The percussions can be a bit loud at times, like at 0:57. Finally, bring out that bass and atmosphere a little more, it’s a little on the muddy side.

Good luck!

  • Nathan

Nathan, Thanks for your response. That helps alot!

The snare at the end sounds out of place, maybe could be lower in volume and some reverb.

Okay so to answer your question, the most likely reason this was rejected is because it’s very repetative for production music (this is mentioned somewhere on the site here officially) to avoid tracks that repeat the same sections and sound like a loop. If you re arranged the track and made it shorter or added more variations in there it would get accepted and get sales.