First upload rejected - Help! Feedback!

Hey everyone,

I just uploaded my first track to AJ and got slammed with a rejection. I need your insights. What should I do differently? Where do you hear issues? Thanks a million times!


Hi TreGriffithsMusic,

I think it’s a nice track with a retro 80’s vibe. Which category did you upload it to? Maybe the reviewers thought that it wasn’t modern enough sounding.

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Hey soundset. Thanks for responding. I uploaded to the Pop category and I also included a couple versions. I’m thinking maybe the mix was the issue but perhaps it was the category.

@Soundset wouldn’t category result in a soft rejection? Or do I have that wrong.

I think mix could be the issue, the percussion levels are a bit high in my opinion. I’d also personally say that your synths aren’t mixed super well to compliment each other so it makes it sound a bit busy and like they’re all competing for your attention instead of having an obvious lead and backup. I hope this helps!

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@Audio_Dread Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree. Any tips for better mixes?

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Personally I’d bring down the levels on the percussion and the strings considerable. I’d also do a little bit of panning so that every instrument isn’t all in all the time. I would make the synth the lead and the electric guitar the backup with the third instrument (can’t really tell what it is) taking more of a baseline. I would also introduce the instruments one at a time so that it builds up a bit more.

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