First upload - rejected, feedback, critique ?

Hi guys,
Can you please review my file ? Got a comment about not meeting the commercial standards. Any given feedback much appreciated, thanks !

Hi @ill-fated. Great track, really moody and atmospheric. From a production perspective I think it’s pretty good - the snare does poke out a bit in the mix but could be justifiable based on the style of the song.

I think the main reason for rejection is simply the commercial viability of your track. Though I could see a load of creative uses for a track like this, I imagine the AudioJungle reviewer couldn’t. I get the feeling the review process weights favourably towards tracks that have a “flavour-of-the-month” vibe - tracks that will have the most use to the widest range of customers for the current market. “Escape Room” feels more like a niche/indie track.

Don’t be discouraged though, it’s not a bad track at all! There seems to be some element of randomness to the whole review process anyway - I’ve seen tracks on this site that I wonder how on earth got approved and some great tracks that don’t make it at all. Best not to take it personally. All the best and good luck!

Hi @singhstudio !
Thank you so much for the review. That’s a big boost to my confidence. You cannot even imagine how long i waited to upload a song and how uncertain about my mixing skills i am :slight_smile:
I guess keep writing and sending for review would be the best possible scenario for me now !
Appreciate the time and effort - all the best to you too !


Yes, everything singhstudio said. Especially the randomness comment lol. It is hard not to take it personally, when the review process is just one person’s opinion and the wording of the rejection gives the supposition that it’s not good enough, rather than doesn’t fit!
Keep batting. I’m new and being rejected too, but I’m just feeling that, against the advice of not writing to the platform but to your own creative juice, I just need to tweak and adjust with a focus on how the reviewer (and the customer too, to be fair) is going to quickly make a commercial judgement! I’ll try again, and if I get some success I’ll be sure to share it here…

@megatalented Great advice!

@megatalented Thanks man ! It’s good to hear i’m not the only one here having second thoughts about reviewing process. Sometimes i listen to other tracks and just don’t understand why mine is not amongst them. Buuut writing for anyone else but me was never an option, I need to feel it and like it, so hopefully like you said - few tweaks here and there will do the trick in a long run :slight_smile:
Thanks for the time and kind words - best of luck with your future reviews ! :slight_smile:

I think the track doesn’t have “commercial value”. Maybe you could try to play something different on that drums. Btw, what snare is that?

Thanks for your input ! Still find it positive though.
Snare - It’s a mix of one of the SD3 snares (don’t remember exactly - at work now) and a Xpand2! preset underneath - but if you want more details you need to give me some time as i won’t be home for few days now.

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Well I reckon it has commercial value, title is spot on, well suited for a gaming niche - but that’s always going to be the lottery draw.

To really turn this into an AJ top selling track, you should cut back on the instrumentation, repeat your main beat for 16 bars, whack on a big reverse cymbal to pretend it’s going somewhere, then repeat that same 16 bars with a tiny texture change, whack on a big reverse cymbal to pretend it’s going somewhere, repeat again, but with a new minor texture change, whack on a big reverse cymbal and finish.

I typed that in jest, but it’s probably true - ultimately that would be more useable, even if less musically interesting or engaging :wink:

he he so true - will keep that in mind next time i’ll think that the next texture, layer or instrument is a good idea :slight_smile: 16, reverse, 16, reverse, 16, reverse and pretending to go somewhere - sounds like a really bad gym training session :smiley:

Thank you for your answer, I thought it was layered :slight_smile: