First upload on videohive [Rejected]

I have uploaded my first work on videohive and get rejected without leaving any comments. I will appreciate any feedback about this project why it was rejected because I can only wonder about it.


may be its just too simple. =)

Normal project!

You New User, same to u!!

Thx so much for the feedback - may be it is the metter of the pictures? We used pictures with creative common standard licence and may be this is the reason? Thx so much for your help in advance!

Thx so much for your comment. Can you please be more precise? Thx! Have a nice weekend!

Thx so much @SanLion for your reply!

Have you ever faced such problem @St_Denis? Thx so much for your reply!

Best of luck

It is too simple and way too repetitive. Not the pictures are the problem. So more variations of the slides :slight_smile:

Why rejected? Nice project! Not so simple! May be to try repeat uploading…