First try at tech logo, would love some feedback!

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Im no logo expert and I only listened on my phone but the beginning sounds uncertain, like a fade in made by mistake. Maybe an impact on the last hit could work well too.
Im not sure if it helps getting your track accepted but making different versions with combinations of separate elements helps with sales. (A version with an impact at the end could be a separate version).

Sound cool though.

Hope that helps.
Good luck


Thanks Christopher. I was wondering if I should have a hard beginning and end instead of fading it in. The fade-in does sound weird on phone speakers. I’ll play around with it a bit more.

And yes, I should make a few more versions as well.

Thanks for the feedback my man!

Take your first synth stab and separate it, reverse that single stab, put a big reverb on the single reversed stab and leave it 100% wet. Record that sound.

Reverse that sound and line it up nicely with your original first atab again then cut the fade in to taste.
You’ll have a nice swell/fade in intro that anybody who buys can cut to the size they like and you will also keep your inicial synth stab intact.
Try it out.

Good idea. Will try it out thanks!

You know what that synth is? Kontakt string ensemble with a low pass filter and saw down LFO. Love the sound that i get with that combo.