First tracks rejected. Can we get some advice?

We uploaded ‘Mistery of the rainy forest’ file in ambient category, and ‘Hip Hop R&B’ in Logos&Idents category, both of them are rejected. Can you tell us what is wrong with these tracks and how can we improve? Thanks in advance.

hi! you should share that information on Soundcloud or youtube, people here doesn´t download anything, I think. Cheers!

“Hip Hop RnB logodemo”

Is nice, but it has some outdated sounds. You need to make sounds more unique with more layers instead of just 1 sound. For a more impressive sound

“Mystery of the Rainy Forest” has problems


See those nasty 100-300 Hz and other ones that are too bright in this spectrum analyser from Foobar player?

You could see these if you had a visualiser that you trust and identify problems like this with your eyes in case you can’t spot them with your ear.