First track is rejected for quality. Is it mastered too hot or other reason?

I’m a new author looking to get rolling on AudioJungle. I submitted this first track, and it was rejected for not meeting the commercial quality standard. Any thoughts on why?

I’m wondering if I mastered it too loud. Or is it another reason? See link below.
Thank you!
Happy Ukulele Band

P.S. I just found out my second submission was also rejected. Same reason or other? Link:
Satisfying Resolution

this is only me, but in Happy Ukulele, I have the feeling the Organ if out of tune, a bit too low compared to the ukulele. And it is really distracting, so instead of listening, I focus on the tuning problem!

Then, the second one… is it supposed to be a “logo”, or a “ring tone”? This is really special, the same pattern repeated over and over… And the recording is very noisy so it does not sound “pro”…

Well, besides this… the overall quality, composition, etc… do not meet AJ standards I am afraid…Difficult to explain, but you should listen to other tracks here…

But you should not give up! AJ is quite difficult for beginners, as their reviewers expect top notch quality, but I am sure you can improve and finally get approved!

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Thanks! I’ll go back to work on these and others I have going. Looking forward to comments from others as well.