First track approval!


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Very well done!! (But you can’t promote your tracks on the forum, unless you post to this thread Your Item was Approved for Sale)


Congratulations @WarmInside :tada: Good luck for more tracks and sales :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m still new to AudioJungle.


Thank you friend!


Congratulations ! Always a great feeling to get approved, especially the first time. Keep up the great work !


Congratulations! I recently had my first track approved too so I know the feeling well! I hope it sells well for you!




Thank you very much!


congratulations! wish you hundreds approved tracks… and thounsands of sales! :smiley:
good luck!



Hey @WarmInside

You can follow @AlisterBunclark referral link for publishing your item link

Your post going to against self-promote rules.

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