First time

I am newbie, I will be happy to comment and support.

Hi @SoundSocClub there is some really good ideas here!
For me it just feels a little empty and dry. I think you could improve it by adding some elements to it, more bass and play a little with reverb and chorus. Another thing is the composition seams to be not finished. Maybe working a little more on the finishing part and adding some part in the middle like a break or so. Just my thoughts on it hope it could help.

Hey, not to sound too harsh but this is nowhere near close to getting an approval. Everything about it is quite amateur sounding from composition to instrument choice to mixing/mastering etc… I think you need to spend quite a bit more time composing with reference tracks from AJ that you like to bring everything up to par. Good luck!

It sounds a little bit dry,… I listen here some nice ideas… and retro… claps from 80? :slight_smile:
from 0:16 to 0:32 it’s empty… maybe with some additional drums… and then you repeat this exactly the same … I would put more variations,.,.
good luck!

@RobertReid is honest and fair, you need to level up everything, composing, arrangement, mix, master, libraries… Just work more and harder. You will hear the difference in time by getting more and more experience.

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