First time uploading, 3 songs rejected, any help?

This was my first time uploading and my first 3 songs got rejected. I’m not really sure why as I have no experience with this. For one I didn’t include a watermark on the preview version, I guess that’s a no brainer. Also some of the production might not be up to par. Any direction is appreciated? Seems like you could spend a lot time trying to get things approved without really knowing where you went wrong.

Hi. My feeling is that you’re not far off… I think all three tracks are maybe just a little bit too repetitive. I think further development of composition could take the tracks a long way forward. Just my opinion. Possibly the drums in the second track aren’t up to AJ sound standards also…

Hi, thanks for the response. Any one else want to weigh in? Wondering if perhaps I’m not a good fit for what Envato is looking for? Does anyone know is the lack of the watermark an automatic decline?

You’re very close in my opinion. I like your music. Here’s some constructive note I think should be addressed though to make your songs more suitable for AJ.

Neptune: The sound of the piano is very special. I personally like it and I understand were you want to go. But I think it may be frightening for some people. Keep in mind AJ is for the mass. It may be not the best place to experiment the next trendy piano sound nobody heard yet! :slight_smile:

Last Exit: Overall the mix sounds a bit narrow. Open it up! Also the snare should be reworked. A lot of repetition.

Magnifico: Nice guitars! I don’t understand the congas though. Sounds terribly mechanical and… alone. Pay attention to clean your sustain pedal with your electric piano, sometimes the chords overlap too much. Also too repetitive to my taste.

I like your music, you’re clearly a talented musician. Keep on rocking!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to listen and reply. So seems like I need to keep some different things in mind while recording / composing. All of these were just done to my own personal taste and later I discovered Envato.

Thanks for listening. When you say open up the mix what do you mean by that? Like EQ wise?

I was thinking about the stereo field. Try to add depth and spaciousness by making the stereo image a bit wider.

Hello. Its a soft reject when you miss to add the watermark.

In case they want your artwork you will be then able to re upload the watermarked version.