First time upload - unclear on why I'm getting an error

Hi there. I am uploading my first theme to Themeforest but I’m getting 2 errors:

Please review the following issues that occurred

  • WordPress Theme is required
  • WordPress Theme style.css is missing Description header

I am definitely uploading the theme as a zip file and my style.css has the following description header:

Theme Name: Mediche
Theme URI:
Description: A Modern Medical & Health Theme
Author: Blue Baden
Author URI:
Text Domain: mediche
Version: 1.0
License: GNU General Public License
License URI: license/GPL.txt

Anyone have any insight into these errors? Thanks.

Have you uploaded both main .zip file and installation .zip file?
Why are Theme URI and Author URI blank? Theme URI can contain the demo address and you already have ThemeForest profile URL you can use for Author URI

Hi thanks for the reply. I will update the URI and the profile URL.

Regarding the files, I have uploaded and assigned files to all 4 items needed. The thumbnail, the preview images (as a .zip), the .zip with all of the files and the .zip with the theme.

Also make sure to validate your theme using Envato Theme Check plugin

We were able to get the theme submitted and then it was rejected for “quality” with no explanation. Do you have any insight into this? Here is our demo:

Yeah, the design quality is not good. First thing you should do is to check it out on a bigger screen (like 2560x1440px fox example). It looks much better when I resize my browser window, but it is still not there yet. You need to work on your typography, spacing and lack of general premium feel.

Thank you for your feedback. I plan to review some of the recently approved themes in my category for overall look/feel etc.