First time PSD template submission advise

Even though our designer tried to make it best. Its still a first time submission and professional opinion for this single-page PSD design will be appreciated.

It has a good start but needs to improve.

Spaces need to be restated and needs to work with typography and hierarchy

continue working
good luck

We continued working and here is the new result:
Did it get better?

You have made some changes to the font, but still not enough, you have big problems with the typographic hierarchy.

You need to find a harmony in terms of size, weight, space text fonts, you have to be nice to eye, but also has to combianar with the diene in general.

works more on the details, such as buttons are very simple,

working in space and separations.

There are places with lots of space and places with very little space, you have to unify all.

In each box you use to define the margins.

The PSD category is pixel perfect, plus the aesthetic standards and very high quality.

Try to be more creative, such as section headings are very simple and has great control over the content. Focus first in which things are more important.

Continue working

Good luck