First time my item is rejected :), but I'm happy with that

Hi, any clue why this got rejected? I want to improve this track, because I like it :). I hope someone can help me. Regards, Marcin Klosowski

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I’m no musician, but I’ll tell you what I think of it from a buyer kind of standpoint…

  1. I think the overall melody is really good.

  2. The ‘chugga chugga’ background sound, sounds like it’s chugga chugga-ing a bit too much. Maybe if it just went ‘chugga chugga’ on each bar rather than ‘chugga chugga chugga chugga’.

  3. The main melody type piano sound sounds a tiny bit ‘plinky plonky’. I think it would sound a lot better if each note held for slightly longer.

  4. I think some kind of slow, yet rousing strings would go well with this.

  5. The drums that kick in half way sound a little bit drum machine like to me. Maybe adding a bit of reverb would help, I’m not sure.

Anyway, sorry for the non-technical terms… I’m no music doctor. I think it’s a really good track, the kind of thing I’d probably buy, but I just feel it needs a bit of fine-tuning and a bit more work on the overall production.

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I am not a musician, but Music lover!
By the way, Nice idea :smile:

Thanks for the tips, I try to improve my song, also I’ve noticed that the sudden break on the end could be an issue when reviewing, anyways thanks a lot and best regards, Marcin

Dude… i love the way you talk music :smiley:

Awesone review by SpaceStockFootage,about the audio overall it sounds great

i think it sounds good:D

Sounds good. But may be not too commercial :slight_smile:

Hi again, I’ve made some changes, could you tel me what do you think now? It’s an upgrade or downgrade? Thanks in advance :smile:

For me its better than the previous one. music is now more connected.

i think the previous track was more full !