First time in Envato and with Wordpress themes

This is my first time buying in envato market, I’m very interested in one of the themes, the Avada theme exactly. I’m a graphic designer so i want to build a site for my client where im going to sell videos and books, so I have a few questions…

Can I sell videos and books with the regular license? those items will be in free sections where login or not login costumers will see.

How does the login section work? Can i build a dashboard where the costumers can see the items he or she bought? I need a dashboard where the costumers can watch videos already purchased too.

This is my first time building a site where im going to sell videos, in case I need extra plugins to complete the website, for example the section where the costumers can watch videos already purchased, extra plugins that are not listed in the description can be combined with the theme? or its possible with the theme to do that?

Last question, for the payment method I suppose it works with woo commerce that works with paypal, do I need to pay for a plan or something similar to receive the money from my sales?

THANK YOU so much for the help! I hope I can receive an answer soon, Thank you guys!

Just to manage expectations -

there are membership features in your description esp the bit about people being able to privately view content that they have purchased which is going to require a fairly complex customisation and while there are plugins that might help, there is likely to still be quite a bit of work to be done above beginner level.

Are you going to integrate EDD etc. To allow simple access to purchased videos or store and play the content all onsite? Either way this is an aspect which is almost certainly going to require custom work.

Also you are going to need some substantial hosting to run all of those features etc as well as needing decent security to protect buyer etc.

It’s the biggest WP theme in history and a great item but you should take any pre purchase queries to the author as it sounds like there still will be a lot to be done to achieve what you want to do

thank you so much for your answer! :slight_smile:

I can change some of the web page features in order to make a less complex costumisation, I just want to know if a regular license is enough, im so confused about that, its my first time in envato so i just dont know if these themes can help me to build this site.

Im aware of it, that im going to need extra plugins and host and stuff, other question would be if the theme can support of all this extra stuff or it cant be edited?