First time EVER since 2009 !


Hey All,

I’ve never had a ZERO sales, and I’m here since 2009…

Did something happened this specific month that I’m not aware of?
Are Envato upgrading / changing the system again or something?

7 Years and that’s the first time ever, It’s not a secret that I’m disappointed from the current “improved” system as I mentioned before but this…
Well, this is extremely disappointing for me as a veteran Envato content creator.

I’m not complaining, just sharing my feelings about it with you guys, good thing I’m selling on a different marketplace very well, but still… 7 years here isn’t something I can just ignore… ZERO Sales? WOW! :frowning:

There’s still 1 week to go… maybe I’ll get at least 1 sale?

Sorry about my bad English,
Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


For month 3 sales and since maybe January I see regression in sales…reason? I really don’t know…maybe a lot of new authors+search system:pensive:


It’s nearly two years since you’ve uploaded a new track, three years since new graphics, seven years since a new 3D Ocean item, four years for video, so it’s bound to happen sooner or later… everybody’s already bought a copy, tastes change, people are driving around in flying cars with giant throbbing heads and have abandoned music. your HD clips give way to 8K, 16K, 32K stuff etc. They say that time is a great healer… but usually not for sales figures. Make more stuff… make new stuff… make great stuff!


Thanks! I agree with most of what you’re saying, I didn’t think about it like this and it does make the difference, but that’s true.
Most of my music are still up to date, and it is most of my content over Envato… but there are so many Authors, I can see why it’s not even appear to new users with zillion more similar content, and it will only get bigger and bigger… harder and harder to be find, but again… it make sense so I’m not complaining, just making a point.

The only problem is that anything I’m producing exclusive for Envato will get soft reject just like in the last 2 years, and since you’ve already looked / listened my content, you can see how high quality and original, and not just junk, Every time I’ve created something I though how it will work for the user and not just to throw content.

So most of my rejected content are now selling very well on other market places (no adv), that is why I’m disappointed… because I really like Envato.

If it wouldn’t sell in other marketplace I would be sure that something is very wrong with my content, but it is not the case that’s why I think that the current system is still not as good as it was, not even mention of so many rejections by the reviewers… that’s not so encouraging even for an original content creator like myself, it won’t matter if my content will be 8K or 32K anymore.

Envato should encourage new, original content, and not just reject 99% of the good stuff… I wish I could decide which reviewer will review my content, there are some that are actually understand the content and it’s use, goals and needed by users… unlike others who are getting super easy on the trigger in order to pass to the next review.

This system should be change and it’s getting worse from what I’m seeing, it is too bad in my opinion, and I have a feeling that other authors can feel this.

Anyways, thanks for the reply I hope that in the future Envato will get less robotic and more Human like it was in the good old days. :slight_smile:

Again, sorry about my bad English.