First Time Deployment of Weed Delivery Platform

Hi Everyone . Its First time in Codecanyon that a Weed Delivery Solution is being put on a sale here.
Our Platform includes:
Admin Panel
Android & IOS Apps for Customers and Drivers.

We have uploaded everything to Codecanyon and Product is live .
How can we market this now ? like how potential customers will know that there is a platform that they can buy from codecanyon for their cbd stores , cbd dispensaries and for all related businesses. ?

In simple words how we can market it to customers as most of them only know that there are weed themes on envato and no proper platform .

First of all, the price looks a bit higher. Lowering the price would get more attention but in addition to that you may need to promote your item on your own ( FB/IG/Google paid advertise )

Thanks for your valuable suggestions @ki-themes . Actually its a complete system including website & admin panel on regular license as well. ok i will discuss price with team and then come up with solution .
Regarding promotion will look onto fb and instagram because google Ad’s dont support weed product promotions.

I understand that you put afford but 450$ is a bit much especially for the new author/item. You should consider to get some reviews with a good price ( new project price ) then regarding to the sale, you could re-consider the price.

In addition, there’re similar items that I can achieve the same thing those already have good ratings.
( not as weed template but the project could do the same )

As you may actually consider your target more than “weed” only. Creating few more demos with different projects ( Wine, coffee ) could give the idea to the buyers, too

I understand what you are saying and will try to work on that.

So you are suggesting we should create a few more demos for wine shops , alcohol delivery shops etc and upload new product to Envato ?

Better idea. Why are you focusing/targeting “weed” market when you can target more area?

@ki-themes is right - the weed market is super niche and there are all sorts of local regulation and compliance that has to be adhered to about the platform and beyond so you are definitely constraining any sales opportunity.

Also bear in mind that sales/delivery of weed is not available in a lot of countries (esp those who would pay a lot for items) unless you are discussing medical use which you wouldn’t be able to do without the right licenses etc.

ok so we should be going with 2-3 products using this same system and then reducing prices by dividing them among uploaded products ?

Sounds better, yes. In addition, get approval from the “Android Marketplace” for the APK files.

Thanks for your input @charlie4282 . Actually our main purpose is to launch it for medical mariju’ana delivery businesses like for medical mariju’ana stores or dispensaries etc where customers will be able to add products to cart after verifying their age and logging In .

So you guys are referring to create a new demo for wine/alcohol niche and uploading it as separate product on Envato ? and also with dividing costs between these 2 products ?

Ok Understood . Thanks very much . Any addition you want to make after reviewing demo website ?

I would thik this is a good idea

I can only comment on the UK but this is not that simple here. The dispensaries might be licensed but never the less the platform used requires a number of hoops to jump through especially around the data and security, and I struggle to think, given how tough it is, that any business would use a $400 solution to manage something like that.

We are thinking about sales in USA and Canada at the moment since its legalized in most states there

That in itself presents an opportunity to make your system stand out

e.g. the delivery of prohibited items (def incl. weed) is only permitted in certain states, and ‘inter state’ delivery is often banned in the US is not allowed - you should build something into the ordering and delivery element which takes this into consideration.

Anyone selling through the site will need to take it into consideration as part of the process anyway.

At the end of the day @Codebreaker_Technologies_Ltd you are essentially selling an eccomerce system with an admin area - are you hoping that buyers are going to be that stoned that they will pay you $450 for the system???

I think therein lies you first problem - you are asking too much for the script and whilst it might be okay, it’s nothing more than other people sell online a lot cheaper.