First Time Author-Anxious

I have added 2 items to the ThemeForest queue and both have almost 1 day on them…I do not know what to expect but i just REALLY hope the reviewer accepts both. I swear i come back to check like every 5 minutes :3 while waiting on the first upload i went and built this…

I then submitted it for review…Do you think it would be accepted? Please dont bash me I do plan to do updates on all my items. The next item i was thinking of working on is a coming soon.

With all due respect I think you will be lucky.

There is a serious lack of visual hierarchy

The game vanishes on mobile - that is intentional right?

Right now it just feels fragmented e.g. some basic copy which could be improved on one side and the game on the other - I do not see/feel a connection between the two.

There are others for sale here which include games e.g. or or but you can see a clear layout to these.

The games are clearly defined and the copy is well laid out. Little things like the instructions and so on just make it feel more complete and professional.

I’m assuming that the game is either your code or you have permission to include it?

@charlie4282 Thanks, i never thought about putting the controls I took it as natural…but i guess thats just wrong? I could go back and edit it but then i’d have to reupload which would then take days to approve.

Stuff like that i consider could be included in “updates”, would a reviewer think like that too?

Yes, it is meant to disappear on mobile. The Tetris game 404 page shows on mobile but is useless.

The game is MIT Licensed. I went into the code to make the adjustments needed.

Soft Reject? Hard Reject?

As it is hard rejected. ( just my opinion ).

The layout needs consideration so it looks more professional and less like 3 silo features eg the copy, game and icons and more like they are meant to be together and that the game is not just their to fill a space.

Typography and copy need improvement and emphasis

Make sure in such a small file that your code validate properly

Reviewers expect to see a finished product esp with 404 or coming soon as they are much smaller and less complex compared to themes etc.

I actually don’t find the position the game is in as “filling a space” but everyone has different design views though but i will use your advice (i hope the reviewer gives reasons for their actions, hopefully it passes) Isn’t there a way to edit your main files while the review is still in queue? I only see delete

Unfortunately not - you will have to wait until the item has passed/not passed.

You will get feedback from the reviewer if it is a soft rejection and they feel the file is close. If it is a hard rejection then you will only get a generic response.

Good luck

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