First submission/First rejection - Feedback please!

Hey everyone, I’m new to AJ and I’ve just had my first rejection (which unfortunately was also my first submission). I’d really appreciate some feedback as to what went wrong (commercial quality standard was briefly mentioned in AJ’s email).

Here’s a link to the track:
In my AJ preview I had the full version, 30" edit, 60" edit and 2 different loops.

Please be brutally honest. Cheers!


the work a lot like this track

Maybe because of this you got reject. Better not to do that, especially copy of top works and at the initial stage of work on this market. at least you can change tonality and make the other melody that your track was not a lot like the other work.

Cheers :wink:

Thanks for the feedback! The reviewer actually noted ‘not commercial
quality standard’. Any feedback on the mix?

Thanks again