First Submission and First Rejection. Help with reviewing my track please?

Hi All,

Submitted my first track and received first rejection. I think I know what, but seeing as i created it while sitting in a vacuum i’d really appreciated to hear others opinions.

Doesn’t meet commercial Quality standards Mixing/Masting/Arranging/Composition, and holds no commercial utility for potential buyers.

Any Help much appreciated.


For more context…I “mix and mastered” myself. still learning, but was pretty proud of it. Always looking to improve. How would you improve it? if it’s terrible just let me know. thanks.

Too much reverb, this needs some definition some upfront sound + this clap is extreme washed out, composition is just :heart:, transition in 0:40 sounds like you cut it out of another song and try to fit into yours :joy: (+ you forgot some cymbal, crash and impact on the drop) the arrangement and composition are fine


Its not a bad start, very good idea. As mentioned above, too much reverb, makes sounds miss a lot of definition, punch and oomph. Thats the major problem i identify with the track personally.

Keep going and good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, both of you. So revisit the reverb and the claps, find some definition, fix the wonky transition. Do you think that transition is even needed? maybe get rid of it and shorten things up because too repetitive? I was trying to have something interesting happen every 4 bars but not be distracting. is that the right mindset?

Transition is needed, but need to be done properly, the most important aspect is the mix, and there is the rule that very 4/8 bars you will change something or add something in composition to keep the interest

Besides reverb and transition and claps did you notice anything else that stuck out too much or needs to be balanced better?