First song submission, first hard reject.

Hi, looking for feedback for this song. It was my first attempt at uploading so I tried to make the song as simple as possible and not do anything too crazy just to see what would happen.
I didn’t really expect it to get accepted but I also didn’t expect a hard reject as you can’t even upload the songs again which is disappointing to say the least.

(the song name of it on there was not the name I uploaded it as incase anyone is wondering)

This track is to specific (composition/ arrangement/ instruments, ect) You need to listen background music that other authors sell at Envato to understand what kind of music is fine for sale. Good luck!

Nice 80’s vibe:) I guess main reason was the lack of progression. It starts nicely and promising, but does’t seem to change over the time and that makes it kinda boring and repititive.

That could be it, I sort of did that on purpose though. It changes various times subtly with delay effects but wouldn’t you want something more consistent for a background track and not something that changes every 4/8 bars?

I’ll have to do that more I suppose then. I listened to a couple before making this song but I guess it didn’t help.

I totally agree, no need for a track to change A LOT. I am talking about adding sublte changes in the middle of the track, like more promiment pads, solo synth or delayed guitars, but without sounds you have in the beginning. Also that melody that starts at 0.16 (too-too-too) is probably playing too often and thats why it feels repititive. Maybe. Well, its just my opinion, keep up the good work)

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I’ll give it a shot for next time, thanks for the reply!

Here’s my two cents -

From my experience, the only two hard rejects I’ve gotten were using very “synthy” sounds. 8-bit NES stuff, glitch drums, etc. They’re great tracks and are of the same quality as my other items that have been approved, but they apparently tripped a trigger at Approval HQ and got a hard reject.

So, from listening to the beginning of your track, it immediately reminded me of my experience and I thought I’d share.

Anyone else have a similar story?

I wouldn’t doubt that’s why. That’s unfortunate for me though because 95% of my instruments are synths lol. I may try to find a different category that would be more fitting though.

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